The philosophy of Country Day Nurseries is to provide the best in Early Childhood Education. We focus on developing children’s enthusiasm for learning, socialising, exploring and problem solving. We hope that by the end of their time at Country Day Nursery, each child will have a positive reflection of themselves, have respect and empathy for others and be ready for school and the new challenges that school life will bring.

Our curriculum, based on the EYFS, encourages the growth of a child’s thought process and their ability to observe, analyse, predict and make conclusions about the world. Each child has a key person that observes and plans activities for the individual child in order to develop the child’s next step in their development. We encourage children to form an appreciation for the beauty of our natural surroundings as well as an understanding of their responsibility to conserve and nurture our environment. Outdoor learning activities are an important part of our curriculum and the children spend lots of time outside in all weathers.