In Big Acorns it’s all about getting ready for school with the children being encouraged to do most things independently such as serving their own breakfast, getting ready for the garden or choosing the activities they would like on the tables. We move away from name labels with pictures just using the child’s name so they can recognise the familiar letters like their pegs would be at school.

The staff will begin to encourage pencil control with the children as well as forming letters in their name. the children also take part in PE twice a week to practice getting undressed and dressed independently like they would at school.

Two tablets are used in the room with children accessing educational games, we feel its really important for children to know and understand how to use different technologies as it becomes an every day part of life.

The staff take a little step back in this room enabling the children to problem solve themselves working through issues they face with each other. It also helps children to build friendships with each other. Every week the children have French lessons and we feel it’s important for children to learn about other cultures and languages. We also have a phonics class each week to further prepare children for school.