In Bluebells we find that the children begin to adapt to our routine as they settle into the room. Again, the furniture is low level so the children can access the resources on a daily basis, we also introduce water bottles to encourage the children to have a drink throughout the day.

In the morning breakfast takes place before free play alongside adult led activities. Once the children have had snack, they will explore the garden. The staff will take resources outside to further develop learning based on the children’s current interests.

In the summer we spend as much time as possible outside exploring the different environments. In this room the children will sleep on mattresses within the room and are encouraged to go to sleep by the staff. When they wake up, we use the cosy area to enable the children to wake up slowly and at their own pace. Again, in the afternoon free play and planned activities take place alongside snack and tea.

We find that the children like to get really messy in this room, so we do a lot of sensory activities such as jelly play, gloop, play dough, shaving foam and paint.