As the children move into Little Acorns, we encourage them to start to develop concentration skills sitting for a little bit longer at activities. The staff also introduce more complex activities such as using scissors, developing mathematical skills through counting and shapes and exploring the large home corner. Independence skills are also introduced as the children are encouraged to pour their own drinks at meal times, serve their own snacks and attempt to cut up food.

When going outside the children are also encouraged to try and put on their shoes/ wellies, coats or all in one suit.

Each morning the children take part in a small circle time where they look at the day of the week, date and month. The staff also encourage the children to look at the weather. Again, the room is divided into different areas for the children to explore during free play such as the construction area, large cosy area and creative area. They are encouraged to self-select activities throughout the day as well as participating in adult led activities.

We find that this is the room most children start potty training and we will work alongside parents when the time comes. The toilets are just outside the room so that helps for a quick dash! We also have nappy changing facilities in the toilet area.